Meet The staff:


Mr Ian Rooke (Head of Department)

Mr Pablo Ardiles

Mrs Di Carey

Miss Rebecca Fanger

Mrs Mayuri Joshi

Mr Daniel O'Neill

Mrs Angela Townsend

Miss Emma Williams



Useful Websites:

My Maths

Sam Learning

GCSE ByteSize

Count On

KS3 ByteSize


Maths Guru

Murderous Maths

Stuck on Homework







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GCSE Statistics in Year 9

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Maths Department Homework Drop-in


One or more teachers are available every day in the maths department to help students with their homework; written or on-line. The table below shows the who when and where.


Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
Mr Rooke Mrs Townsend Mr Stevenson Mr Ardiles Ms O'Sullivan
M1 M3 M2 M5* M4


*Mr Ardiles may change this location to one of the other maths classes (M1 to 4) to allow students to have access to the department's laptops.